Friday, November 25, 2011

GB2 (Subject : Laughter) "Happiness & Laughter" a Parable

 Many (30) years ago I wrote this and inserted it an anniversary card for my parents. Recently my elderly Mom was cleaning out her drawers and came across this well intended anniversary message. I was only too happy, knowing it could make her laugh once again.

                                HAPPINESS & LAUGHTER

   Once upon a time Happiness and Laughter crossed each others paths. Laughter exclaimed "Oh, so we meet again! Is it really a coincidence that we meet so often? I am beginning to believe that we are actually one in the same! I cannot recall a time when I was present and you were not near."
    Happiness smiled and replied "while it is true that we are often found together,and your presence brings the very best out of me,  one can have Happiness without Laughter. Just the gathering of loved ones, recalling fond memories, sharing special moments and achievements can evoke great levels of Happiness and not need one laugh. So my good friend, one does not have to laugh in order to find Happiness.
    Laughter looked down, the air taken from it, a frown covered its face. Happiness reached out for Laughters hand and said "come, lets go for a walk toghter and see who we may find and be with them for awhile." ...and off they ran hand in hand leaving only the sound of laughter in their path.

    And that is the way it has been ever since. There are times when Happiness and Laughter are experienced hand in hand, and the sound of laughter paves the way for Happiness to be, and then there are times when just Happiness appears,savoring the subtle warmth of life that doesn't require laughter.

By the way....Have a Happy Anniversary (may it be accompanied with the sound of Laughter)

Marc :)


  1. Love that she gets to enjoy it and the memories it brings, once again.

  2. That was rather lovely! So glad your mum found it and was able to enjoy it all over again :o)

  3. Happiness and laughter is marriage at it's best.

  4. Wow! This is great writing!
    You have a new, will read your words, follower.
    Thanks for stopping by my post... I hope you will follow and continue to read about my journey.

  5. Awesome post and ever so true. Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

  6. That was wonderful to read and live a little of it too.......thank you so much made my nite.

  7. How delightful! Yep, I said delightful. I love the idea that happiness does not require laughter, but laughter does evoke happiness. You are just a master at your craft. ♥