Friday, December 2, 2011

GB2 (Subject: The Bucket List) The Bucket List

Because the actions of humans cannot be fully synchronized with what is embedded in their hearts, time will reveal the desires wished to be done.

I confess. When I hear "Bucket List" my mind replays one of my favorite films "The Bucket List".
I confess. I have watched this movie 5 times and there will be a sixth.
I confess. I have been moved to tears with each viewing and have learned something new about myself each time.

Briefly, Jack Nicholson a mega millionaire and Morgan Freeman an auto mechanic are joined by a similar fate, terminal cancer. They share a hospital room and fill it with a dialogue that has them construct their bucket list. Jack sees this as one last "hurrah" through the final corridor of life, and Morgan sees this as his final opportunity to experience the things he only dreamed of.
Together they touch taste and experience the many wonders of this world and gain a deeper understanding of who they have been and what they have become.

In the final sequence of Morgan Freeman we see him at his dinner table, surrounded by family. They are talking, laughing and passing around plates of food. The audience doen't share in the dialogue, but it can see in the facial expression of Morgan, the love, the joy and the warmth he has created. He traveled the world to see the greatest sights known to man, tasted the finest food, but neither compared to what he created at that dinner table.

I always wondered why I cannot make a "bucket list". Not that I don't wish to see the world or consume  4 Pints of my favorite flavors of Ben & Jerrys in one sitting, but somehow, I am not moved enough to actually put them on a list.

In a world with so many limits on what we can do, I have learned to live a "limitless" life. My heart centers around Love, Kindness & Hope. Whether I am hard at work, watching TV, taking out the garbage, commuting in traffic or at the dinner table, through being grateful, one of those elements is always in play.

 Action synchronized with the heart.

I imagine I will not see the places I have dreamed of
I will not have the fame nor fortune I hoped to have experienced
I will not have been accompanied with fine luxuries
What I have not done will be outweighed by what I have experienced and created
which is this have danced with Love, Kindness & Hope........

and now...for some Ben & Jerrys!    Passing around the spoons ...Marc :)


  1. People like you don't need bucket lists, you will always have a goal and a direction.
    My favorite line though is:
    "and now...for some Ben & Jerrys! Passing around the spoons"
    Because, that's who I believe YOU to be. I believe you are living your bucket list with every one you care about and all who care about you. That would include me. :)

  2. I'll take some Ben and Jerry. Thanks.

  3. Well done! Yes, making any kind of doable list would require leaving too much out.

  4. I see value in not having a bucket list. If you don't care where you go, you'll always get there. Of course, in some ways, that's how my bucket list works. If an interesting opportunity pops up, just add it to the list. That's how seeing San Antonio was added --and completed. Had to go to a little town north of Dallas anyway, so decided to just keep going.

  5. What a great outlook on life. No need for a bucket list when each day is full of opportunity!

  6. I ♥ Ben. I ♥ Jerry. :O)