Saturday, March 23, 2013

Do You Want To Know A Secret? - GBE Subject - "Romance"

Do You Want To Know A Secret

On any given night there are two hearts, never before entwined, which are destined for each other.  Well contained and concealed from each others reach only  the secret words, "I love You", can release them.
      Once spoken the two hearts  will burst from their area of confinement, race into each other, grabbing hold and dance in the rain of joy, tapping in the puddles of their passion, splashing droplets of magic in every direction!
Many years ago.....
Spring came that year, we shared that Spanish 101 class for five weeks. While my heart was on my sleeve, hers was well concealed. I had no idea how she felt about me, if anything at all.
A party celebrating Spring was made, and we attended. At midnight, people began filing out, leaving just her, me, and another couple. "Lets go for a bite" suggested my friend.."I feel like something in Chinatown". We quickly agreed and were in his car heading for downtown N.Y.C.
We made it to the downtown area, the car radio playing the loveable sing along oldies. We drove along the riverside, the imposing skyscrapers, softly lit, were like giant ornaments for the night sky....the water, softly reflecting the light of the moon.
We were seated in the back, I at one side, and her staring out the car window on the other side.
The song by the Beatles, Do You Want To Know A Secret? came on, over the radio
"You'll never know how much I really love you
you'll never know how much I really care.
Listen (do-wa-do) do you want to know a secret?
do you promise not to tell?
...........................................I sat on my side of the car, a huge grin broke out on my face...."gee, if she only knew" my heart spun its awakening call......
my lips went in sync with the song....
"Ive known a secret for a week or two,
nobody knows just we too, listen
I turned to face her.....and behold..she was facing me with a sweet smile and was singing...our eyes unison
"do you want to know a secret
do you promise not to tell
I'm in love with you"...... was followed with the softest yet most powerful kiss that I had ever come to known in my short life.....
Now, many years later I cannot even recall what occured the remainder of that evening.....I just know a part of my heart was left behind beneath a moonlight night, and in the tune of a Beatle song that liberated it!
Sweet liberations to the hearts that silently wait....your turn will come! ....

Friday, February 8, 2013

Unbreakable Vows - (GBE #90- subject: Dream)


Imagine for a moment, that movie theaters had no marquis. That's right, no names in the bright lights, no posters on the front doors. You enter the theater, sit down, and must watch whatever appears on the giant screen!
   The picture begins and behold you are the main character!  "What? How did I get in this flick?" you would always ask yourself! "I must be dreaming!" The truth is, you would be dreaming!

We close our eyes each night and are escorted into a theater where we have no idea what scenes are about to take place. We become  the main character, speaking lines and playing a part that we have not rehearsed.

The other night I closed my eyes and was escorted to my seat in this theater. The scene opened, and standing before me was my first love, wearing a wedding dress and white flowers in her hair. She had aged the many years that lie between us, but had that youthful look in her eyes. A voice spoke loud, "You may now kiss the bride". In the same instant a narrative explained that we met later on in life and were now being wed! "At Last" I breathed,as we both slowly leaned towards each other. Our lips met,and I could feel the warmth and tenderness of this special kiss. As our lips parted, I took her hand and placed it on my heart heart. I smiled and said, "look how fast my heart beats from your kiss". There was a twinkle in her eyes, and a smile on her face as she said "you remembered".

In the next instant I was jumping out bed, beads of sweat running down my neck and my heart racing.In my altered state I went straight to the bathroom and turned the shower to full blast. "What was that?" I muttered to myself as the water pounded down on my head. "What was that?" ....Puzzled like a person who lands in foreign country and can't speak a word of their language.

I replayed the dream over and over, very careful not to edit or embellish, as if it was going to be evidence that would be submitted in court. I was locked in this altered state, unable to sort out the meaning. Her last words "you remembered" haunted me. What was it that I remembered? What was it that she thought I had forgotten? What could have created this whole scenario? Slowly, the truth began to emerge, not all at once, but slowly, like the sun rising over the horizon.
When we close our eyes and enter the arena of sleep, we let go of reality. Once reality is tucked away, a cinema that we are not aware of begins playing. The doors to our heart open and many emotions come pouring out seeking a direction.. If we are lucky, the heart will take them to place in time when great changes occured in our lives. If we are really lucky, they return to the point where the toe of innocense made its fist step into the sea of love.
My rapidly beating heart occured at our first kiss.We always ask ourself when engaging in that first kiss,"what does he/she think?" There was no denying thet her kiss could make my heart pound and I was happy to show her. She always responded, "yeah, but will you say that tomorrow?"
What I had forgotten in reality, I remembered in a dream!
Only in a dream can one be returned to place where all the broken promises are put back together to form an unbreakable vow.
So, as you wander through your days and close your eyes at night, just know, that someone, somwhere has placed you in their cinema, reassembled all the broken promises and remembers what reality has taken away. May you rise in the morning knowing,there exists a place where there are unbreakable vows.

Sweet Dreams!   Marc :)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fool On The Hill - GBE #89 (subject: Picture Prompt)

WEEK #89 (1-27-13 to 2-2-13): Picture Prompt

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Happy blogging! 

I could have been a Doctor and saved some lives
I could have been a Teacher and shaped some young minds
I could have been a carpenter, chef, author, or anyone who affect another persons world.

I chose the path less travelled.

I came here to see the majestic of  sunrises and sunsets.
Uninhibited views of starlight nights, and hear the completely unedited  sounds of nature.
To taste the unfiltered sweetness of the earth and suckle every scent from each breeze.

Indeed, to feel the love of the Creator and learn the true reason why we are here.

Years passed, and with each passing season, I could sense, I was closer to the truth.

One day a young man came to my door.He noticed my house, secluded from the world and asked if I knew there was another house like this. I made some tea and we sat and talked. He reminded me of the man I once was, a passion forand understanding for the path less travelled. I had confided that my years in seclusion had given me access to the true reason why we are here. His eyes widened,"please tell me what you have learned", he asked.   I paused, and realized, if I handed him the answer, his quest would be over, the effort in solving the riddle is the lesson and what leads to the truth is the truth.

I thanked him for his company and bid him on his way and wished him luck in his journey. I know he wasn't pleased with my sudden silence, but one day he will know.

As for you, please feel welcome to come anytime, there will always be two teacup settings at my table.

Day after day,
Alone on a hill,
The man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still
But nobody wants to know him,
They can see that he's just a fool,
And he never gives an answer,

But the fool on the hill,
Sees the sun going down,
And the eyes in his head,
See the world spinning 'round-   The Beatles

Saturday, January 26, 2013

(GBE Subject: Music) - The Tune Of a Babys Toy

The Tune Of Babys Toy 

While searching through an overstuffed closet, down from somewhere, a small toy bunny came tumbling down. I picked it up and quickly recognized it. It was one of the first toys I had brought home for my newborn son many (many!) years ago.

I examined the fluffy character and gave the key in its back a twist. The delicate jingle jangle eminated from the animal once again, bringing alive memories of time so long ago!These tunes are so deeply woven in my heart.

I focused on the tune that was playing......this was the tune that filled  my car when we took trips to the market. This was the tune that I would first resort to play upon hearing his tender cries in his crib. This was the tune that masked all sounds of the house, and allowed all to know....there was a baby in the house. This tune played everywhere, like it was a top 40 hit!

The tune that plays for an infant is like no very delicate, and soft....just as the babys skin. The delicate notes grab at small heights and contain a rhythm that seems to carry hidden blessings.....almost as if....angels were playing!

Listen to the tune of a childs toy.......its about as close to sound of heaven you will hear!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

GBE #83 PRECISION vs. PERFECTION-( I still Pray)

Precision Vs. Perfection

My prayers for  Peace & Comfort  go out to all who have been affected by the horrible tragedy in Newton, Ct. Its not just the loss all of the Love , Hope and dreams we may have seen , but the way it was brutally ripped away from us. The weight of grief that family and friends are carrying ,unimaginable, their lives  forever changed, as they are forced on a dark path towards an untrusted destiny.

Many have asked the same question that was asked so many times before, "God what is your plan?"

God, (or Our Creator) does not sit in the heavens with a joystick, and with one flick of  his wrist  have a maniac take the precious lives of the innocent. He does not conjure up Hurricanes and Tornados and aim them at the the very same people who pray and give thanks. He doen't guide evil through our world like some child guiding Super Mario on his game pad.
Just because we do not understand the language of our Creator, doesn't mean a plan doesn't exist.

So, what is the plan?

The answer is ( as it always is) right in front of us.
Scientists and Drs. have marveled over our construction, it is a work of genius! We are a  network of arteries, veins, muscle and bone. We are a symbiotic series of systems (nervous, digestive, repoductive) that come together and allows us to sustain our species.We are infused with an invisible spirit which has 16 sets of paired emotions ( love/ hate, joy/sorrow, courage/fear)
 Think an iPhone is an amzing piece of work? It doesn't come close to us! We are an amazing creation! Yet, with all of this precision, it takes only one cancerous cell, one micscopic virus or clot and all this precision comes tumbling down!  Just one moment of hate, one selfish moment and the course of lives completely changed. What was God thinking??? To create something so very, very precise and yet, so imperfect!

  Precision is not perfection.

The plan?  It is knowing how imperfect we are, how imperfect this world, how imperfect our destiny can become that  should keep us thankful for each day. Its a plan to have us instinctively live our lives with a purpose  that positively affects others . The plan is to work on perfecting ourselves .

I am deeply saddenened from this horibble tragedy, but find comfort in still seeing, that for every person that falls, there will be 10 hands to carry it, and a thousand hearts to provide comfort for the grieving.

Just in case the plan to strive for perfection would not work, we were blessed with HOPE.

Stick that in your iPhone!
I still pray...

Friday, December 14, 2012

GBE-2 Subject: My First Car- "CHE"


…In 1970 I purchased my first car. A 1960 Rambler, also known as the “box”. For those of you who have never seen this particular model, I suggest looking up this piece of folk automobile history.

The first upgrade this faded grey auto got was an 8 track player. Nothing could be more sublime than driving down the streets of New York City with Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, and Richie Havens blasting out the open windows, wailing their songs of peace and anti war sentiments.

Yes, in 1970, it was all about making a statement! I soon felt that the music was not enough; after all, everyone that drove had an eight track stereo and was blasting music. On a beautiful fall weekend, I collaborated with an art student and together we attempted to paint a huge smile on the trunk of the car. Bright red lips, stretching from the left rear light to the right light! The bright red lips were “my statement”. Many things come from lips, words of love…a sweet smile, or a tender kiss!

We spent a few moments admiring our work when I noticed how terribly faded the front of the car was. On the sides of the front headlights we wrote in an Old English font “CHE” (Latin for “short and chubby”). Satisfied with our artwork we decided to give CHE a test ride.

Down the street we drove. Some of the cars tooted us and people were blowing kisses at my female companion, others raising their fists and chanting, “Viva Che Gueverra”. Che Gueverra? I asked, who is Che Guevara? “Oops” she smiled, I think Che Guevara helped Castro with the overthrow of the Cuban regime. “Groovy”! I exclaimed, as I turned up the stereo and allowed Bob Dylan’s “rainy day woman” to come pouring out the windows. I was thrilled! In a time when people wanted to be heard, to have their feelings made visible….I was doing it! In the following days I drove that car and enjoyed the attention it brought…..till one day my sister needed to use the car! (She helped me finance the purchase). "Do you know who Che Guevarra is?" I used as my defense as she threatened to call her loan in. Screaming back me with her high pitched voice of anger,"I don't care who he is, but I'm sure every guy in Brooklyn that has pulled up next to me while I am stopped at a traffic light and blows kisses at me, doesn't give a sh*t about Che Guevarra!"

The road of life……drive that car as far as you can!

Friday, December 7, 2012

GB-2 Subject - "Bedtime Story" - The Circle Game

The Circle Game

One of my favorite photos is situated in the middle of a large wall collage of photos that hangs on the wall. It's not a family portrait, nor some posed shot at a milestone family gathering. It is a photo of my three sons, at the ages of two, five and eight. Three beautiful squeaky clean smiles peering out of a shower stall door that is just opening.

What makes this photo so dear, is the timing of the photo. Just staring at it I am swept back to those days and that hour of the day...."O.K. boys, dry yourselves off and hop into your pajamas...I'll meet you in bed for your bedtime story!" Through the door, I could hear their excitement...."oh boy, I hope he tells us a good one"....

They were still small enough to fit on one bed and curl up around me. A chorus of requests would emanate, "tell us the Toys R Us story," "tells us the story when we got Locked in McDonalds" "tell us the story when we were shrunk and put into a video game"......No, you won't find these stories in your Story time books....Every once in awhile, I would hand sew a night time tale to custom fit their imaginations. "The airplane story"!....yes, that was one of their most requested......My, how they loved watching airplanes taking off and landing at the airport! In this particular story, I had taken them to the airport for an afternoon of watching. While there, they wandered onto a jetliner that was idle. They sat in cockpit musing at the hundreds of dials and switches. The older boys dared the younger one to flip a switch. The youngest flipped the switch and the door to the jet closed. "Whoa, better flip it back" they beckoned. When the youngest did, the engines of the jet began to turn..........and each subsequent flipping, the wheels were set in motion for taking off........till, they finally did!

The story continued how I grabbed a pilot and we jumped on another plane and took off after them! We lined up the planes, wing to wing, and I described how I would open the door to walk across to get into their plane. My five year old would always ask..."dad, would you really walk on the wing on of a jet at 25,000 feet high to save us?" "yes" I would smile.."that's how much daddy loves you".....(sneaking in my ultimate message!)... I boarded their plane and took them in for a safe landing. "Did you punish us?" The oldest would ask...."No T.V. or nintendo for a year!" I firmly stated. The little one would pout, but it wasan accident, we didn't mean to fly the plane"...."I know" ....."and while no one got hurt, did wander off away from, that's in part what the punishment is for"....

The scent of their freshly washed hair, their skin so soft, their heartbeats so tender, we would lay a few minutes more before each one was escorted off to his own bed. They would close their eyes knowing they were protected, and loved beyond measure.

I don't think I have known anything so eloquent as those moments.

I look at that photo, and do not say "what a shame those moments could not last" but rather, I muse, "what a shame it would have been, had I not had one of those moments"
and the wheel spins round......

Yesterday a child came out to wonder
Caught a dragonfly inside a jar
Fearful when the sky was full of thunder
And tearful at the falling of a star
Then the child moved ten times round the seasons
Skated over ten clear frozen streams
Words like, when youre older, must appease him
And promises of someday make his dreams
And the seasons they go round and round
And the painted ponies go up and dawn
Were captive on the carousel of time
We cant return we con only look behind
From where we came
And go round and round and round, in the circle game.- Joni Mitchell