Tuesday, March 27, 2012

(GB#2- Subject- Mirror) "LOVELY & AMAZING"

Lovely and Amazing

Dedicated to women who look in the mirror and second guess what they see.

        Thanks to modern medicine women can now have their tummies tucked, their breasts augmented, their lips puffed and their wrinkles erased. Add a splash of hair color, a new hairdo and an application of makeup and you gals look gorgeous!    Perhaps the greatest imperfection we have is the way that we see each other!

  While stopped at traffic light this morning, I glanced over the the car next to mine. I noticed the female driver staring in her mirror, applying a layer of makeup, painting her her lips, and fixing her hair. In that 30 second interval she made a complete transformation. The light turned green and she gave herself one last look in the mirror and smiled with approval. Little did she realize that she was facing the East. The first morning rays of light were streaming through the windshield.. In that pure light that only our Creator could have provided, I could see the softness of her feminine skin, the sensousness of her lips illuminated, and the silkyness of hair, highlighted. In that pure stream of light, she looked so lovely and amazing!

       The next time you second guess yourself, I urge you step outside beneath a moonlight night and allow the moonbeams to circle your head and imagine this secret admiration that has been made just for you! Yes, you are, so lovely and amazing!~~~~~~~~~~~Marc :)