Saturday, December 22, 2012

GBE #83 PRECISION vs. PERFECTION-( I still Pray)

Precision Vs. Perfection

My prayers for  Peace & Comfort  go out to all who have been affected by the horrible tragedy in Newton, Ct. Its not just the loss all of the Love , Hope and dreams we may have seen , but the way it was brutally ripped away from us. The weight of grief that family and friends are carrying ,unimaginable, their lives  forever changed, as they are forced on a dark path towards an untrusted destiny.

Many have asked the same question that was asked so many times before, "God what is your plan?"

God, (or Our Creator) does not sit in the heavens with a joystick, and with one flick of  his wrist  have a maniac take the precious lives of the innocent. He does not conjure up Hurricanes and Tornados and aim them at the the very same people who pray and give thanks. He doen't guide evil through our world like some child guiding Super Mario on his game pad.
Just because we do not understand the language of our Creator, doesn't mean a plan doesn't exist.

So, what is the plan?

The answer is ( as it always is) right in front of us.
Scientists and Drs. have marveled over our construction, it is a work of genius! We are a  network of arteries, veins, muscle and bone. We are a symbiotic series of systems (nervous, digestive, repoductive) that come together and allows us to sustain our species.We are infused with an invisible spirit which has 16 sets of paired emotions ( love/ hate, joy/sorrow, courage/fear)
 Think an iPhone is an amzing piece of work? It doesn't come close to us! We are an amazing creation! Yet, with all of this precision, it takes only one cancerous cell, one micscopic virus or clot and all this precision comes tumbling down!  Just one moment of hate, one selfish moment and the course of lives completely changed. What was God thinking??? To create something so very, very precise and yet, so imperfect!

  Precision is not perfection.

The plan?  It is knowing how imperfect we are, how imperfect this world, how imperfect our destiny can become that  should keep us thankful for each day. Its a plan to have us instinctively live our lives with a purpose  that positively affects others . The plan is to work on perfecting ourselves .

I am deeply saddenened from this horibble tragedy, but find comfort in still seeing, that for every person that falls, there will be 10 hands to carry it, and a thousand hearts to provide comfort for the grieving.

Just in case the plan to strive for perfection would not work, we were blessed with HOPE.

Stick that in your iPhone!
I still pray...

Friday, December 14, 2012

GBE-2 Subject: My First Car- "CHE"


…In 1970 I purchased my first car. A 1960 Rambler, also known as the “box”. For those of you who have never seen this particular model, I suggest looking up this piece of folk automobile history.

The first upgrade this faded grey auto got was an 8 track player. Nothing could be more sublime than driving down the streets of New York City with Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, and Richie Havens blasting out the open windows, wailing their songs of peace and anti war sentiments.

Yes, in 1970, it was all about making a statement! I soon felt that the music was not enough; after all, everyone that drove had an eight track stereo and was blasting music. On a beautiful fall weekend, I collaborated with an art student and together we attempted to paint a huge smile on the trunk of the car. Bright red lips, stretching from the left rear light to the right light! The bright red lips were “my statement”. Many things come from lips, words of love…a sweet smile, or a tender kiss!

We spent a few moments admiring our work when I noticed how terribly faded the front of the car was. On the sides of the front headlights we wrote in an Old English font “CHE” (Latin for “short and chubby”). Satisfied with our artwork we decided to give CHE a test ride.

Down the street we drove. Some of the cars tooted us and people were blowing kisses at my female companion, others raising their fists and chanting, “Viva Che Gueverra”. Che Gueverra? I asked, who is Che Guevara? “Oops” she smiled, I think Che Guevara helped Castro with the overthrow of the Cuban regime. “Groovy”! I exclaimed, as I turned up the stereo and allowed Bob Dylan’s “rainy day woman” to come pouring out the windows. I was thrilled! In a time when people wanted to be heard, to have their feelings made visible….I was doing it! In the following days I drove that car and enjoyed the attention it brought…..till one day my sister needed to use the car! (She helped me finance the purchase). "Do you know who Che Guevarra is?" I used as my defense as she threatened to call her loan in. Screaming back me with her high pitched voice of anger,"I don't care who he is, but I'm sure every guy in Brooklyn that has pulled up next to me while I am stopped at a traffic light and blows kisses at me, doesn't give a sh*t about Che Guevarra!"

The road of life……drive that car as far as you can!

Friday, December 7, 2012

GB-2 Subject - "Bedtime Story" - The Circle Game

The Circle Game

One of my favorite photos is situated in the middle of a large wall collage of photos that hangs on the wall. It's not a family portrait, nor some posed shot at a milestone family gathering. It is a photo of my three sons, at the ages of two, five and eight. Three beautiful squeaky clean smiles peering out of a shower stall door that is just opening.

What makes this photo so dear, is the timing of the photo. Just staring at it I am swept back to those days and that hour of the day...."O.K. boys, dry yourselves off and hop into your pajamas...I'll meet you in bed for your bedtime story!" Through the door, I could hear their excitement...."oh boy, I hope he tells us a good one"....

They were still small enough to fit on one bed and curl up around me. A chorus of requests would emanate, "tell us the Toys R Us story," "tells us the story when we got Locked in McDonalds" "tell us the story when we were shrunk and put into a video game"......No, you won't find these stories in your Story time books....Every once in awhile, I would hand sew a night time tale to custom fit their imaginations. "The airplane story"!....yes, that was one of their most requested......My, how they loved watching airplanes taking off and landing at the airport! In this particular story, I had taken them to the airport for an afternoon of watching. While there, they wandered onto a jetliner that was idle. They sat in cockpit musing at the hundreds of dials and switches. The older boys dared the younger one to flip a switch. The youngest flipped the switch and the door to the jet closed. "Whoa, better flip it back" they beckoned. When the youngest did, the engines of the jet began to turn..........and each subsequent flipping, the wheels were set in motion for taking off........till, they finally did!

The story continued how I grabbed a pilot and we jumped on another plane and took off after them! We lined up the planes, wing to wing, and I described how I would open the door to walk across to get into their plane. My five year old would always ask..."dad, would you really walk on the wing on of a jet at 25,000 feet high to save us?" "yes" I would smile.."that's how much daddy loves you".....(sneaking in my ultimate message!)... I boarded their plane and took them in for a safe landing. "Did you punish us?" The oldest would ask...."No T.V. or nintendo for a year!" I firmly stated. The little one would pout, but it wasan accident, we didn't mean to fly the plane"...."I know" ....."and while no one got hurt, did wander off away from, that's in part what the punishment is for"....

The scent of their freshly washed hair, their skin so soft, their heartbeats so tender, we would lay a few minutes more before each one was escorted off to his own bed. They would close their eyes knowing they were protected, and loved beyond measure.

I don't think I have known anything so eloquent as those moments.

I look at that photo, and do not say "what a shame those moments could not last" but rather, I muse, "what a shame it would have been, had I not had one of those moments"
and the wheel spins round......

Yesterday a child came out to wonder
Caught a dragonfly inside a jar
Fearful when the sky was full of thunder
And tearful at the falling of a star
Then the child moved ten times round the seasons
Skated over ten clear frozen streams
Words like, when youre older, must appease him
And promises of someday make his dreams
And the seasons they go round and round
And the painted ponies go up and dawn
Were captive on the carousel of time
We cant return we con only look behind
From where we came
And go round and round and round, in the circle game.- Joni Mitchell

Thursday, September 27, 2012


GBE#71-  Subject: Retrospect  

      "FIRST KISS"

Each and every minute is constructed exactly the same way, it has precisely 60 seconds. Most minutes pass quickly by, but there are some, that last for eternity as they sparkle with unique light and allow us to look back and see the minute in a whole different light!

...... I can recall that tender age of 13. I first noticed girls batting their eylids at me, calling my name cutely, and teased me for attention. I was naive in noticing that it was "nature calling". When the time came for my first kiss, I was too shy and clumbsy to live up to her expectations!.......Word quickly spread, I was a terrible kisser! At 13, there are no second chances!! My reputation preceded my boyhood charm and good looks! The girls on the block had turned stone cold on me! I was devastated...and for the next few years, I avoided being placed in a close up puckering position. (aww)

I watched T.V. shows and movies carefully.....I studied how James Bond would lock lips with his leading ladies....Gregory Peck, Cary Grant, Kirk Douglas...I watched them all, and observed. Through this careful observation I discovered that kissing was not just about lips being locked together, but it was the intimate formation two souls, using the lips as a conduit for their passion. The passion of two souls!

Many years passed, and in one night, the phobia was laid to rest, as I fell into the eyes of another and she whispered the words into my ear..."oh Marc, where did you ever learn to kiss like that?"

....Such well formed minutes shine like stars in the night, creating an invisible constellations which have served to guide.  You will never lose sight of the moment as long as you look up!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

(GB#2- Subject- Mirror) "LOVELY & AMAZING"

Lovely and Amazing

Dedicated to women who look in the mirror and second guess what they see.

        Thanks to modern medicine women can now have their tummies tucked, their breasts augmented, their lips puffed and their wrinkles erased. Add a splash of hair color, a new hairdo and an application of makeup and you gals look gorgeous!    Perhaps the greatest imperfection we have is the way that we see each other!

  While stopped at traffic light this morning, I glanced over the the car next to mine. I noticed the female driver staring in her mirror, applying a layer of makeup, painting her her lips, and fixing her hair. In that 30 second interval she made a complete transformation. The light turned green and she gave herself one last look in the mirror and smiled with approval. Little did she realize that she was facing the East. The first morning rays of light were streaming through the windshield.. In that pure light that only our Creator could have provided, I could see the softness of her feminine skin, the sensousness of her lips illuminated, and the silkyness of hair, highlighted. In that pure stream of light, she looked so lovely and amazing!

       The next time you second guess yourself, I urge you step outside beneath a moonlight night and allow the moonbeams to circle your head and imagine this secret admiration that has been made just for you! Yes, you are, so lovely and amazing!~~~~~~~~~~~Marc :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

GB-2 (Subject "Do Over") "DO OVERS FOR DUMMIES

                                               Do Overs for Dummies

Knowledge about any subject is as close as your nearest bookstore. There you can 
become an expert in anything; Photography For Dummies, IPhones for Dummies, 
Finance for Dummies, etc.
Chances are you won't find " Do Overs for Dummies" as that book was written long 
ago and hopefully it's lesson will not be imposed upon us again.

It took just 10 generations since Adam & Eve for God to throw up his hands and say  I want a do 
over!" He selected the most righteous person he could find, commanded him to 
build an Ark and with just one male and female from each species on the planet, the world was 
to be reborn, it was the big do over.

I don't know about you, but I have a hard enough time getting my dog to give up 
his spot on the chair, let alone getting me convincing  a black bear to get onto a boat! I have hard 
time finding socks in my drawer that actually match , let alone finding an 
acceptable mate for a Bengal Tiger!( "hold still Mr. Begal Tiger while I reach in to check if you are a male or female)- and what was so important about bringing 
along a perfectly paired set of cockroaches? Our state of the art Cruise Ships 
can't protect people from falling off or catching some deadly virus, and yet, 
all who boarded the Ark, departed with all limbs in tact and in perfect 
reproductive health!
That was not an ordinary boat !!

So what happened with this "do over ", wasn't this plan supposed to be a second 
chance to " make it right"?
Did our Creator make an error in his calculation , "if I save 1 righteous 
person, everyone born to him will be in awe of his kindness, wisdom and 
intelligence !
- and why choose this process? Afterall, if you're God, you can wave a wand and 
have all the evil vanquish.
Why all the rain? Why not just create another planet? He could have got the job done in 7 days instead of 40!
While the "do- over" may have missed the objective , the lesson it infused 
remains as potent as ever.

Our Creator speaks to us in a very different language, using Nature as words and 
the vibrations of our emotions, he speaks directly to each of us.

There are no do overs. Not even the Creator of Heaven and Earth really have a "do over".

The Lesson:  This world with all it's natural beauty and unmatched precision  will also have its share of pain, sorrow, and evil.   And the only way to rise above and sail through is by having a kind considerate and selfless heart.
The Ark is a spiritual vessel, constructed of faith & Hope and within the hull is where you will find a very special Peace and Harmony.

  If the worlds only diamond was in your hand it would be priceless.It could contain flaws and be  poorly colored,the diamond would  still be revered and  people would line up for miles to see it.
In the very same way, Kindness is like a rare diamond, it too is priceless. If God had only emotion that he could keep, it would be kindness, it would be his "Noah". For it is the kindness that we can give which makes the world a better place for others by elevating their existance too! 
And once elevated, the last thing that is needed is a "do over" unless of course, you're a dummie!  :)

Peace & Blessings~ Marc :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

GB-2 (Subject- Pet Peeve) "Hildas Bra"


I once worked for a company that each year, the week prior to Christmas, they would order in lunch for all the employees. Each day of that week a different food was ordered in. There was always plenty to go around, and the left overs were quickly scooped up who get excited over "free food".

On the last day of the week, a Chinese buffet was always brought in. This would really get Hilda going. Hilda was short, stocky , large breasted dame that loved Chinese food! She had been known to charge the line, pile up a mountain of food, only to return to the food line moments later! "Where does she put it?" I would laughingly ask. One minute she was in front of me using a squeegy to fill her plate, and next she is standing behind me giving me a nudge to move faster!!!

There is a marvelous protocol that we are all born with. This "protocol" has us instinctively care for and protect our young. This "protocol" will have us jump when we hear another human cry in pain. This "protocol" will have our hearts open up and share with others who are less fortunate. The only thing that disrupts this "protocol" is selfishness. It's a selfish love that disrupts the simple logic of our nature. Thus chaos gets invited to the picnic.

It is just this kind of love that is my peeve.

Hildas love, her selfish love of Chinese food which forces her to get on line, again and again, and have us wonder about that sagging bra she is wearing, is proof enough how our love, when executed with selfishness spoils the wonderful protocol that we were blessed with!

I guess her husband always looked forward to that sweet and sour breast of chicken!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

GBE- (Subject: History) Samson & Delilah

                                             SAMSON & DELILAH
Samson, the symbol of strength and courage. A model of muscle and strength that all men hope to obtain.

Indeed, man is consumed by the challenge of competition. Anything that challenges his strengths will have him alarmed. Man is willing to train and torture himself endlessly, just to be victorious in that challange. He trains his muscles to react, to be swift and overpowering.

But deep within, man senses his vulnerablity and is fearful of it. How ironic that mans greatest desire would also  be his largest fear to conquer. This unique double edged sword that I speak of is the scent of a woman.....not a fragrence, but her smile, the look in her eyes, the softness of her skin.

Samson knew that with just one look into Delilah's eyes, he would not only reveal the secret of his strength,but he would reveal to the subsequent generations, the weakness of man!

I confess to having this inheritance!

Marc :)