Sunday, November 6, 2011

GB-2 (Subject- Nature vs. Nuture) "The Shopping List"

The Shopping List

   It was the end of a long day and all I needed before going to bed was a glass of milk. I opened the refrigerator and reached in for the milk conatiner which had just enough to lighten a cup of coffee. This reminded me to check the can of coffee, which had enough grinds to make a "two sips" worth! I began taking attendance, Juice also low, bread, two slices of which one was the end slice. I glanced at the clock, 10:30 PM, just enough time to make it to the supermarket!
I pulled in the parking lot, opened the car door and barely had the energy to get out of the car. "I should be crawling into bed" I muttered to myself. I pulled a shopping cart from the rack, and slowly made my way down the aisle. As I placed the carton of milk into the wagon I noticed a neatly folded piece of paper resting at the bottom. I lfted it up and unfolded it to its original 8 1/2"X 11" size. It was a shopping a list and the handwriting with its soft curves was undeniably, feminine. The list read, ....ground beef, bread crumbs, ketchup, milk, cookies, ice cream. Then in another column, away from this list, on the lower right hand side of the page was another short list,....Tampons, panty liners,douche, pamprin. In an instant, I could feel a tingling run down my spine. My mouth dropped and my eyes widened, and I stared at this list as if I had uncovered a map leading to a buried treasure. I whispered to myself, "I can't believe it, the answer was in front of me all the time,and I never noticed!"

Woman....Nourisher, sustainter, healer. Since the dawn of time she has placed  the needs of others ahead of her own.
 Of the two genders, she is more empathetic,has more sensitivity and cries more tears. 
  How was our Creator to know that he could trust one of genders to have such a power? In order to feel someone elses pain,one must feel it for themselves first. In order to comfort another before you even think of comforting yourself, one must feel its own discomfort first. In order to willingly give life to others, one must feel the preciousness of life from within. So, our Creator, with his subtle ways, created a time clock of discomfort and pain,which would serve as a reminder that one of the species would always be attentive, caring, loving to others. To provoke a person in such a way they would INSTINCTIVELY always place the needs of others ahead of her own....and so, Woman was created!
I folded the list and placed it back in the wagon. I had come for a carton of milk , juice and coffee and came away with a new persepective, another piece of the puzzle of the nature of humankind.

"She's got a way about her
I don't know what it is
But I know that I can't live without her
She's got a way of pleasin'
I don't know why it is
But there doesn't have to be a reason anywhere

She's got a smile that heals me
I don't know what it is
But I have to laugh when she reveals me
She's got a way of talkin'
I don't know why it is
But it lifts me up when we are walkin' anywhere

She comes to me when I'm feelin' down
Inspires me without a sound
She touches me and I get turned around
She's got a way of showin'
How I make her feel
And I find the strength to keep on goin'
She's got a light around her
And ev'rywhere she goes a million
Dreams of love surround her ev'rewhere ....Billy Joel

Peace & Blessings....Marc :)


  1. Billy Joel knows women. *sighing* Such a touchingly warm look at woman through a nearly sleeping man's eyes. How lovely. Truly remarkable. :)

  2. I had never really thought about it before, or the reasoning why...but I make my grocery lists the same way. What an unexpected glimpse! Great post. You never know where you will find inspiration!


  3. I loved this! Thank you, Marc! Reading this was like a validation of who I try to be each and every day. I wish more men saw what you saw that evening in that grocery list in the shopping cart.

  4. Interesting take on the topic, and I love the way you tied it in to a shopping list.

    I was taught that women are not required to participate in the same prayers that men do because we are naturally closer to G-d. Oh, what those men said to make women happy about the discrepancy of the faith!


  5. Hm. I organize the shopping list based on which store I'm going to pick the items up at. I wonder what someone who found my list would think about me? I certainly hope they'd enjoy the meal plan on the other side of the sheet.