Sunday, January 15, 2012

GB-2 (Subject- Pet Peeve) "Hildas Bra"


I once worked for a company that each year, the week prior to Christmas, they would order in lunch for all the employees. Each day of that week a different food was ordered in. There was always plenty to go around, and the left overs were quickly scooped up who get excited over "free food".

On the last day of the week, a Chinese buffet was always brought in. This would really get Hilda going. Hilda was short, stocky , large breasted dame that loved Chinese food! She had been known to charge the line, pile up a mountain of food, only to return to the food line moments later! "Where does she put it?" I would laughingly ask. One minute she was in front of me using a squeegy to fill her plate, and next she is standing behind me giving me a nudge to move faster!!!

There is a marvelous protocol that we are all born with. This "protocol" has us instinctively care for and protect our young. This "protocol" will have us jump when we hear another human cry in pain. This "protocol" will have our hearts open up and share with others who are less fortunate. The only thing that disrupts this "protocol" is selfishness. It's a selfish love that disrupts the simple logic of our nature. Thus chaos gets invited to the picnic.

It is just this kind of love that is my peeve.

Hildas love, her selfish love of Chinese food which forces her to get on line, again and again, and have us wonder about that sagging bra she is wearing, is proof enough how our love, when executed with selfishness spoils the wonderful protocol that we were blessed with!

I guess her husband always looked forward to that sweet and sour breast of chicken!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

GBE- (Subject: History) Samson & Delilah

                                             SAMSON & DELILAH
Samson, the symbol of strength and courage. A model of muscle and strength that all men hope to obtain.

Indeed, man is consumed by the challenge of competition. Anything that challenges his strengths will have him alarmed. Man is willing to train and torture himself endlessly, just to be victorious in that challange. He trains his muscles to react, to be swift and overpowering.

But deep within, man senses his vulnerablity and is fearful of it. How ironic that mans greatest desire would also  be his largest fear to conquer. This unique double edged sword that I speak of is the scent of a woman.....not a fragrence, but her smile, the look in her eyes, the softness of her skin.

Samson knew that with just one look into Delilah's eyes, he would not only reveal the secret of his strength,but he would reveal to the subsequent generations, the weakness of man!

I confess to having this inheritance!

Marc :)