Thursday, September 27, 2012


GBE#71-  Subject: Retrospect  

      "FIRST KISS"

Each and every minute is constructed exactly the same way, it has precisely 60 seconds. Most minutes pass quickly by, but there are some, that last for eternity as they sparkle with unique light and allow us to look back and see the minute in a whole different light!

...... I can recall that tender age of 13. I first noticed girls batting their eylids at me, calling my name cutely, and teased me for attention. I was naive in noticing that it was "nature calling". When the time came for my first kiss, I was too shy and clumbsy to live up to her expectations!.......Word quickly spread, I was a terrible kisser! At 13, there are no second chances!! My reputation preceded my boyhood charm and good looks! The girls on the block had turned stone cold on me! I was devastated...and for the next few years, I avoided being placed in a close up puckering position. (aww)

I watched T.V. shows and movies carefully.....I studied how James Bond would lock lips with his leading ladies....Gregory Peck, Cary Grant, Kirk Douglas...I watched them all, and observed. Through this careful observation I discovered that kissing was not just about lips being locked together, but it was the intimate formation two souls, using the lips as a conduit for their passion. The passion of two souls!

Many years passed, and in one night, the phobia was laid to rest, as I fell into the eyes of another and she whispered the words into my ear..."oh Marc, where did you ever learn to kiss like that?"

....Such well formed minutes shine like stars in the night, creating an invisible constellations which have served to guide.  You will never lose sight of the moment as long as you look up!