Wednesday, November 16, 2011

GB-2 (Subject: Surprise) " Venus Law of Gravity"

I have always considered myself very attentive to both the emotional and physical needs of the opposite sex. With a mix of taught and intuitive knowledge I have managed to keep the distance between Mars and Venus , comfortable.  Yet, nothing prepared me for this:

     I was online at the supermarket  with a bag of frozen peas, 2 containers of yogurt, a French bread and cantelope. While waiting on this "express line" I happen to glance at the magazine rack. Catching the cover of the current  Marie Claire, my eyes widen,my jaw drops, and my grip on the frozen peas,loosens! I bend down to quickly retrieve them and get another chance to read the cover again. Yes, I read it correctly...."NEW REPORT ON SEX....TWO MORE G-SPOTS REVEALED!".........."how can that be?" I whisper to myself, I thought I had it all figured out!  Blood began rushing to my brain, only to be intercepted by words in my ear..."Hi Marc", I's my neighbor Gina, that 30 something hottie, that parades around in short shorts and a halter top! (I was grinning and blushing) "Oh!" she continues....."seems like I have caught you with your mind ...wandering.....huh?"

I threw my eyes in the direction of the magazine....." the cover of Marie Claire.....and tell isn't so"......She looked and in an instant caught the headline.....she lifts the magazine up and says...."well, this seems interesting...lets have a look here"....she thumbs through the pages.....the cashier calls my attention..."NEXT IN LINE PLEASE"........I am studying the expressions on Ginas face...for any evidence of truth, her eyes fixed upon the page."Well, it appears there are 3 separate places"...a loud voice interrupts her,   "THAT WILL BE 5 DOLLARS AND 49 CENTS PLEASE" prompts the cashier. I yank my wallet out of my back pocket and hand her several bills.....I turn and stare at Gina as if she is the all knowing supreme being on this topic....."Gee, according to  this article, I can see where I have a few places"...."SIR" called the cashier...."YOUR CHANGE...and HAVE A NICE DAY"

"Nice Day?" I mutter between my breath," just when you think you have them figured out........"

The more advanced the level of intuitive thinking, the more profound is the element of Surprise!

I confess, I never did find those other G-Spots (not for the lack of trying) but as my partner always says "Honey, batting 1 out of 3 isn't bad!"

Marc :) :) :)


  1. Well, er, surprise!
    Hubby likes to entertain other shoppers by reading out loud from the National Enquirer. No telling what he's learned.

  2. I can't believe you didn't add a magazine to the peas, yogurt, bread, and cantaloupe.

  3. Oh dear, now that's more info than I needed. Or is it? *giggling* Back to the drawing board, I guess. I confess, I had no clue! jeesh.

  4. Ha Ha!! Now you have me curious--three huh?

  5. Ah, we long ago learned not to believe anything we read in women's magazines. It's all about selling copy, never mind the truth. Don't fret it, Marc... cos we sure ain't ;o)

  6. WHEW!!!!! Thank You Ladies, I am so relieved! I was afraid the comments would read
    "Only 3? I thought there were 5!!!" :)

    I guess we can all live in harmony knowing that one is just fine!

    Thanks so much for the comments and I am tickled we all shared ONE BIG SMILE :)