Sunday, October 2, 2011

GB-2 (subject: Balance) "Confessions Of A Tightrope Walker"

                                  Confessions Of A Tightrope Walker

"Hey Look Up!........ Up here....   I'm up here on the highwire!"

No need to be fascinated by my talent, afterall, we are all tightrope walkers!  Yes, with this one heart we have and the 24 sets of emotions it must balance makes us bonafide tightrope walkers!  Imagine, one heart that must balance Love & Hate, Joy & Sorrow, Courage & Fear, Selflessness & Greed, Confidence & Doubt.
---Imagine, one heart balancing a mixture of those emotions at any one time!  No wonder so many fall off the highwire, that is just too much to keep balanced!

There is no shame in falling off the highwire, there is only shame in not getting back up!

Now, I've been up here for quite sometime and I am often asked "what's the trick?"  I smile and gently reply....."gratitude". 

  I am deeply grateful for every minute I breathe, and once I am fully grateful for each minute, yes, I can be grateful for the moments where I deal with my own emotions of hate, greed, fear, sorrow, etc.  I know these are the emotions that are so heavy that they will weigh me down to one side. They will cause me to lose my balance and hit the floor hard.  But I am well aware, once down, a hand of kindness will come along, ask if I am alright, and will even help me back on that highwire!

So while the heart struggles to balance , I can remain forever grateful knowing that each negative emotion will be met with a counterweight!   Now, don't  me down, let me see your smiles and who knows, I may be doing this with my unicycle!

Wishing all a safe and balanced week!     Marc :)


  1. Emotional balance! Great topic. I also feel like a life devoid of the heavy emotions is devoid of true happiness. You gotta have the good with the bad to appreciate and yes, be grateful for all your blessings.
    I love your take on this one!

  2. This is wonderful!! It is not always easy to take the good with the bad and find a balance where you can truly appreciate all of life's blessings. It should be a goal of everyone's though. I strive to balance out both each day and find something anything to be happy for. Count your blessings!!


  3. Wow great post!! Gratitude is one of the heart things I try to exercise the most. Thanks for a great post this week!! Cheers, Jenn

  4. As always, I loved visiting with you here. Balance, like everything, ebbs and flows, and gratitude, I believe, is key to living well and being happy. You have a wonderful way of expressing truth. Thanks for chiming in on this one. :O)

  5. AMEN..gratitude...dang of COURSE...walk on hehe it is difficult doing it naked tho...don't you think..dang gravity


  6. Your words are too kind, and I am delighted to know they resonated within each of you.
    Nothing is more balancing than sharing a smile with another soul! Thanks so much for yours!
    Marc :)

  7. Glad you can stay positive. These days I'm finding it tougher and tougher.