Friday, September 30, 2011

GB-2 (subject: Judgement) "MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL"


 Each day we stand before the mirror, we check our hair, face,skin,and teeth. We are quick to notice any blemish and judge our well being on what we see in the mirror, sadly in our "sight oriented world" we rarely spend a moment checking what is on the inside of us, our spirit, our soul.

 Who amongst us is not familar with that famous line in Snow White,  "mirror, mirror on the wall, whose the fairest of them all?" 
  The mirrors response of Snow White was a reference to both her beauty and her heart. For Snow White was as kind to others as her beauty was to the world.  Forced to flee deep into the forest, she touched each and every creature that lived there. She took residence with 7 dwarfs, each with its own  personality (Grumpy, Sneezy, Dopey etc) that required a higher level of understanding and acceptance. Despite their shortcomings (no pun intended) their open hearts, and selfless ways allowed their fondness and mutual adoration of each other thrive!

There is another type of Beauty that is so spectacular it blinds us with an explosion of joyful living. When one brings Joy, Hope & Encouragement into someones elses day , a mirror can only reflect a soul that is simply "the fairest of all".

 Aside from revealing the Beauty of Snow White, the magic mirror revealed one of lifes greatest lessons, which is, True Joy is most often found just beyond the point of "knowing to Judge"!

Wishing a non judgemental and joyful day to all!        Marc :)


  1. Excellent, excellent view!

    And yes, I know that my comment was also a judgment, but I couldn't help myself! ;O)

  2. Thank You for adding som light to my night, I am delighted to know you enjoyed it! My mirror is smiling

  3. I knew I would love this one. Inside beauty is what the mirror sees. You are so insightful.
    I'm not judging (unlike Beth! he he) I'm just tellin' the truth.

  4. Thank you Jo! I knew these words would resonate within your blog is always one step closer the truth!
    Thanks for stopping by!