Monday, October 10, 2011

GB-2 (subject: Clarity) "The Meditation"

                   The  Meditation     My friend told me about the amazing day he had in Key West. He paid a visit to a meditition teacher who resided in a small house off the beach. The teachers ' house had the most spectactular  view of the ocean and the infamous "Key West Sunset!" I asked my friend to allow me to join him on his next vist.
     That day came, and we arrived at the teachers house in the mid afternoon. While he greeted us warmly, I could not help but being overcome with a  feeling of disappointment when noticing that all the shades in house had been drawn down.

I spent my first moments debating with myself if I should ask him why he closes off his house to a breathtaking view of the ocean!
    The meditation teacher was a marvelous host, engaging us in a lively conversation and then serving us some delightful green jasmine tea.
    Every few moments, my mind would wander to the fact that I had not yet seen the spectacular view of the ocean. As I sat in a chair in the dark room I could hear the gentle rolling waves of the ocean teasing me.
   It was now past eight o clock, I knew the sun was about to reach the shoreline, I began to stir. The meditation teacher annouced it was now time to perform our meditation. "This will be impossible" I said to myself as I could not get over the fact he witheld us from a breathtaking view.
    He led us into a room that only had mats on the floor and shades on the walls, which were rolled down."Get into position" he gently commanded. I squatted down, folded my legs, outstreched my hands. "Take a deep breath...and hold it" he instructed.
Just as I filled my  lungs with a deep breath,I noticed this very fine beacon of liight streaming right in my eye! Directly ahead of me was a small separation in the windowshade, there was a tear in it! I could see the sun taking its bow into the horizon. I could make out its magnificant reflection across the flattened ocean! Through this tiny opening, firey hues of orange and purple came pouring in.
   There I was, filled with this one breath, and in a direct view of this intense stream of pure beauty. I was alone with this one lost ray of light.
  Suddenly, I felt connected to something far greater than anything here on earth. I could feel my connection to the universe! And this connection was sustained by this one breath I was holding.

In a flash of second, I realized that just as this sun lights up and nourishes this world, I too am given a very similar power. Just as the sun transfers its light to me, I can transfer light to my world! I too just need to find an openeing, a "crack in shade."
    I  mused  about the  beauty that lies within nature, it resonates too sharply to be random or accidental. Light and and death ...are both given great distances between them, but the line they cross from one realm to another, is so very fine, and unavoidable.
   We must make the most of who we are, inbetween those lines, and with each breath!
   I wish for you to be able to have that moment when you can see through the crack in the shade.
  Peace~~~   Marc :)


  1. Incredible. The aha moment. You are just so inspiring and your words always speak directly to me.
    Excellent post, Marc.

  2. Very nice!

    Meditation is on my "to do" list!

    I'm glad for your experience!


  3. Lovely to be connected to the universe. Nice post Marc.

  4. Often the simplest of things leads us to the greatest truths.

  5. an i wonder if the shades WERE open you would have received the same lesson? hehe KUDOS darlin! falls right in line with my thought this assignment...we just have no idea how we are all totally receive your rhema!

  6. Wonderful example of the power that each of us holds, Marc. Nicely done.