Saturday, September 3, 2011

GB2 : subject: Longing "Mountain Of Knowledge"

  Its a simple lifelong longing, my thirst for knowledge. I must be careful as it comes in many forms ... here is one example..
Mountain Of Knowledge
One day I climbed to a plateau on this mountain, and as I was inhaling the soft breezes, I could hear cries coming from the side of the mountain. I went to the edge, looked down and saw two damsels were stranded on a ledge just 12 feet below!

 “Please help us” they sobbed. I rubbed my eyes, for these damsels in distress were no ordinary damsels, they were Wisdom and Peace!  I assumed that if I could rescue them, they would share their inner most secrets with me! “Help is on the way” I called out. I turned to a nearby tree and broke off branches and leaves and fashioned a vine. I secured the vine around a rock and lowered myself down to the ledge.
I held one arm open to Wisdom and said “come, place your arm around my waist and I will carry you up”. Wisdom approached and as she took the vine from my hand, gave me a nudge. “Do you really think that Wisdom doesn’t know how to climb?” she asked with a smile. In the blink of an eye, she climbed up to the plateau. I held my arm open to Peace, and said “come Peace, hold on to my waist and I will carry you up”. Peace approached me, and also nudged me to the side and placed the vine around her waist. “When you have Wisdom as a friend, you don’t need more”. In the blink of an eye, Peace was lifted up to the plateau. I looked up to see the pair looking down at me,”ok, very nicely done, please toss me the vine”. I said with a tone of defeat in my voice.   Their smiling faces disappeared and their laughter began to fade away. “The Vine!” I called out. Wisdom called back, “you don’t need a vine, you will figure out how to get back up, and when you do, you will be Wiser and at Peace with yourself!” As their laughter faded, I mused, yes, one must be very careful in what they wish for as it manifests itself in ways we cannot imagine! 
  How foolish to think that Wisdom and Peace would need me to rescue them!
It was  a lesson well learned!

Despite the years that have passed, the many lessons learned and the knowledge gained, I long for more! Yes, I still find my way back to that and  despite the bumps and those "sprites" that inhabit it, each lesson learned bears the taste of fruit I so long for!

Have an enlightened Week...towards the light......Marc :)


  1. Very nice...provocative even. One must long with care, if one longs at all.

  2. When you identifies the damsels as Wisdom and Peace, I thought, he won't save them, but they just might save him. And I suppose, in a way, they have.

    Very nice, Marc.