Friday, August 26, 2011

GB-2 "Things That Grow Wild" I SHOT THE SHERIFF

I Shot The Sheriff
  The Cerebrum!   That is the part of the brain that dominates all functions of the mind.  In my town, it is known as The Sheriff! Not a border can be crossed, not a single whim or fantasy can be engaged when this guy is on guard!
   The Sheriff, creates and enforces every rule I follow, and shadows my every move. Admittedly, this would be an easy job if not for the Hypothalamus. The Hypothalamus is the part of the brain that handles "desire". The Hypothalamus, often discouraged by the constraints, does not sit idle. It plans, it schemes, and searches for that one moment when it can break free, run wild, and has its moment in the sun!
 There have been times I have made that made dash to the border, and was left with no choice but to turn, take aim and shoot that Sheriff......only to find a deputy (guilt) in hot pursuit!
The Nature of the human spirit,  defined by invisible borders, designed to be crossed, so we may all find our way home.
Soulful Journeys, Marc J


  1. " we may find our way home." That's what it's all about! Very nice, Marc.

  2. That Sheriff needs to take a vacation every now and then. He's hard to dodge, especially with his deputy in tow.

  3. Beautiful and creative take on this week's topic.

  4. humm designed to be that living wild? hehe ((hugs)) love it!