Friday, August 19, 2011

GB-2 "TRUST" When Faith is Interrupted

Faith Interrupted
   When death, serious illness, and news of crumbling relationships resonate in my ears, my complete and unyielding Trust in the warm hand of the Almighty becomes interrupted.  Once again, I turn and look for a clue...could there even be one? Why are our hearts allowed to fall to the ground and shatter as if they were made of fine porcelain?  We were designed so precisely and with such complexity that a thousand scientists cannot duplicate. Yet, with all our precision, the world we live in so very fragile. In one second, our lives can change forever.
Any logical mind must ask, "what was our Creator thinking? Was he distracted in the middle of our conception and ovelooked this one aspect?" 
The answer  may be as close as taking a closer look at ourselves.
Please enjoy this with your next cup... 

    As my sons were growing up, they looked up to me for all sorts of answers, especially to their homework assignments!  When my youngest was 12, he saw me as a natural wealth of quick information. I was a virtual Encyclopedia!
    One night he came to me and said in a half whine..."Dad, I need help with my math homework...I really don't understand the problems."  ..... I always enjoyed being engaged and challenged...after all, eighth grade math was my calling! 
" we go....if x+4 =8, we'll move the x to this side, subtract that side...."  and to his relief, I unraveled this dark mystery for him . He was never amazed at my swift calculations, after all, I was Dad, I was supposed to know!
    Imagine my amazement when he came home from school the next day and waved the homework assignment in my face..."Look Dad, an "F"....all of YOUR answers were wrong! I can't believe it "F"....!!....I can't believe I trusted you!
    My mouth fell to the open position and stayed frozen that way. Aside from the disbelief that I had incorrectly answered every question, was the fact that I let my son down..way down!  After rereading the questions that were asked, I understood that my approach to his assignment was all wrong, but that did not matter now. I asked him how much this assignment meant to the grade for the period. "Well, I was running a B-, but with this F, I'll be lucky to get a "C" for a grade.Now what do you suggest?"
   I had never let my son down like I had at that moment. There was no fixing this, I couldn't explain to the teacher that Dad was doing his sons homework and failed to properly follow instructions. I just looked at my son and explained that he would now need to work extra hard. He would need to be  better prepared for tests and do some extra credit work.  "You mean I have to do all that extra hard work because you couldn't do my homework right?"

     A parent is supposed to have the answers, it is the  problem solver, the parent is supposed to make the hurt go is  not supposed to be the source of it.

Perhaps our Creator knew all too well, if he could solve all our problems for us, we would never devolop to our potential. We would have this complete and unwavering TRUST in his ability to keep our world steady and straight. Perhaps our Creator knew all too well, this abundant TRUST would prevent TRUTH, HOPE & GRATIDUE of flourishing in our heart. Without truth, hope and gratitude, our hearts would become lazy, reliant and irresponsible.

So tragic news which breaks hearts, and interrupts faith will always be a fact of life.We need to remember to channel the pain and despair to where it belongs. A place that lives deep with our very core, our heart which is where TRUST  resides.

Peace & Blessings, Marc :)


To all my friends  who have recently lost loved ones, to those who have loved ones battling a serious or life threatening illness, to those struggling in family matters, to all of those who face despair as if it were a permanent fixture in their day.....The Parent does not have all the answers, and to believe so only allows for a faith interrupted.

My prayers of a return and restoration to a peaceful soul~~~Marc


  1. What a well written piece on trust--this is a great example!! Cheers!!

  2. Now there it is in black and white. Nicely done, Marc.

  3. Wow! That's a shame about the grade and lack of trust that goes along with it. I guess the moral of the story is that you will now have empathy for your kid when a paper doesn't turn out as expected.

    Thanks for the prayer for the loved one, even though my dying loved one is a canine child.


  4. Beautifully expressed. This is wonderful.

  5. Very honest and beautiful. Thank you.