Saturday, January 26, 2013

(GBE Subject: Music) - The Tune Of a Babys Toy

The Tune Of Babys Toy 

While searching through an overstuffed closet, down from somewhere, a small toy bunny came tumbling down. I picked it up and quickly recognized it. It was one of the first toys I had brought home for my newborn son many (many!) years ago.

I examined the fluffy character and gave the key in its back a twist. The delicate jingle jangle eminated from the animal once again, bringing alive memories of time so long ago!These tunes are so deeply woven in my heart.

I focused on the tune that was playing......this was the tune that filled  my car when we took trips to the market. This was the tune that I would first resort to play upon hearing his tender cries in his crib. This was the tune that masked all sounds of the house, and allowed all to know....there was a baby in the house. This tune played everywhere, like it was a top 40 hit!

The tune that plays for an infant is like no very delicate, and soft....just as the babys skin. The delicate notes grab at small heights and contain a rhythm that seems to carry hidden blessings.....almost as if....angels were playing!

Listen to the tune of a childs toy.......its about as close to sound of heaven you will hear!


  1. Music is certainly one of the most evocative things in the world, excellent at jogging loose memories. As to the sounds emanating from a baby toy... I don't know about others, but as a four time mother and grandma once, there are certain toy tunes that could quite possibly cause me to meltdown and go visit Toys R Us with a screwdriver and a large hammer! I still can't here Twinkle Twinkle without a twitch, it played so many times from so many mobiles and pull-string creatures *grin* I think the sentiment is lovely though :)

  2. And then they get a little older and you're listening to those kids tapes with the catchy tunes that get stuck in your head. Ie, we're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo. We hold on to those before the teen years when the music gets to be raw, rough, and then it is yours. Wait a minute. Are they listening to my classic rock? Tee hee.

  3. how true...i remember singing them to them as children..bought a lil doll that sang one and my grandaughter didn't like it!!!! She frowned...shook the toy and then threw it to the side. I was shocked...LOL