Saturday, December 22, 2012

GBE #83 PRECISION vs. PERFECTION-( I still Pray)

Precision Vs. Perfection

My prayers for  Peace & Comfort  go out to all who have been affected by the horrible tragedy in Newton, Ct. Its not just the loss all of the Love , Hope and dreams we may have seen , but the way it was brutally ripped away from us. The weight of grief that family and friends are carrying ,unimaginable, their lives  forever changed, as they are forced on a dark path towards an untrusted destiny.

Many have asked the same question that was asked so many times before, "God what is your plan?"

God, (or Our Creator) does not sit in the heavens with a joystick, and with one flick of  his wrist  have a maniac take the precious lives of the innocent. He does not conjure up Hurricanes and Tornados and aim them at the the very same people who pray and give thanks. He doen't guide evil through our world like some child guiding Super Mario on his game pad.
Just because we do not understand the language of our Creator, doesn't mean a plan doesn't exist.

So, what is the plan?

The answer is ( as it always is) right in front of us.
Scientists and Drs. have marveled over our construction, it is a work of genius! We are a  network of arteries, veins, muscle and bone. We are a symbiotic series of systems (nervous, digestive, repoductive) that come together and allows us to sustain our species.We are infused with an invisible spirit which has 16 sets of paired emotions ( love/ hate, joy/sorrow, courage/fear)
 Think an iPhone is an amzing piece of work? It doesn't come close to us! We are an amazing creation! Yet, with all of this precision, it takes only one cancerous cell, one micscopic virus or clot and all this precision comes tumbling down!  Just one moment of hate, one selfish moment and the course of lives completely changed. What was God thinking??? To create something so very, very precise and yet, so imperfect!

  Precision is not perfection.

The plan?  It is knowing how imperfect we are, how imperfect this world, how imperfect our destiny can become that  should keep us thankful for each day. Its a plan to have us instinctively live our lives with a purpose  that positively affects others . The plan is to work on perfecting ourselves .

I am deeply saddenened from this horibble tragedy, but find comfort in still seeing, that for every person that falls, there will be 10 hands to carry it, and a thousand hearts to provide comfort for the grieving.

Just in case the plan to strive for perfection would not work, we were blessed with HOPE.

Stick that in your iPhone!
I still pray...


  1. Hope. That's the thing that didn't escape from Pandora's box. Thank goodness.

  2. I have seldom felt hopeless, those rare times it crept in, I have remembered I am not facing anything alone and it vanishes.
    I still pray, too.

    Love this Marc...♥