Tuesday, February 21, 2012

GB-2 (Subject "Do Over") "DO OVERS FOR DUMMIES

                                               Do Overs for Dummies

Knowledge about any subject is as close as your nearest bookstore. There you can 
become an expert in anything; Photography For Dummies, IPhones for Dummies, 
Finance for Dummies, etc.
Chances are you won't find " Do Overs for Dummies" as that book was written long 
ago and hopefully it's lesson will not be imposed upon us again.

It took just 10 generations since Adam & Eve for God to throw up his hands and say  I want a do 
over!" He selected the most righteous person he could find, commanded him to 
build an Ark and with just one male and female from each species on the planet, the world was 
to be reborn, it was the big do over.

I don't know about you, but I have a hard enough time getting my dog to give up 
his spot on the chair, let alone getting me convincing  a black bear to get onto a boat! I have hard 
time finding socks in my drawer that actually match , let alone finding an 
acceptable mate for a Bengal Tiger!( "hold still Mr. Begal Tiger while I reach in to check if you are a male or female)- and what was so important about bringing 
along a perfectly paired set of cockroaches? Our state of the art Cruise Ships 
can't protect people from falling off or catching some deadly virus, and yet, 
all who boarded the Ark, departed with all limbs in tact and in perfect 
reproductive health!
That was not an ordinary boat !!

So what happened with this "do over ", wasn't this plan supposed to be a second 
chance to " make it right"?
Did our Creator make an error in his calculation , "if I save 1 righteous 
person, everyone born to him will be in awe of his kindness, wisdom and 
intelligence !
- and why choose this process? Afterall, if you're God, you can wave a wand and 
have all the evil vanquish.
Why all the rain? Why not just create another planet? He could have got the job done in 7 days instead of 40!
While the "do- over" may have missed the objective , the lesson it infused 
remains as potent as ever.

Our Creator speaks to us in a very different language, using Nature as words and 
the vibrations of our emotions, he speaks directly to each of us.

There are no do overs. Not even the Creator of Heaven and Earth really have a "do over".

The Lesson:  This world with all it's natural beauty and unmatched precision  will also have its share of pain, sorrow, and evil.   And the only way to rise above and sail through is by having a kind considerate and selfless heart.
The Ark is a spiritual vessel, constructed of faith & Hope and within the hull is where you will find a very special Peace and Harmony.

  If the worlds only diamond was in your hand it would be priceless.It could contain flaws and be  poorly colored,the diamond would  still be revered and  people would line up for miles to see it.
In the very same way, Kindness is like a rare diamond, it too is priceless. If God had only emotion that he could keep, it would be kindness, it would be his "Noah". For it is the kindness that we can give which makes the world a better place for others by elevating their existance too! 
And once elevated, the last thing that is needed is a "do over" unless of course, you're a dummie!  :)

Peace & Blessings~ Marc :)

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